In my headcanon, one of the reasons why Rose was crying when she was in the Bad Wolf state was that she could see all the pain that was lying ahead for her and the Doctor. We know that the Bad Wolf was able to warn the Doctor in Turn Left, so it’s possible that for a moment, Rose was able to see everything that was going to happen; even the Time Lord Victorious or the Doctor’s regeneration.

If I was suddenly hit with all the anguish and loss of series 2-7, I’d cry too. Losing Rose, allowing Martha to be a soldier, becoming the Last of the Timelords yet again, people sacrificing themselves for the Doctor right and left, River dying, Donna forgetting, leaving Rose for the final time, the Timelord Victorious, killing the Timelords for a second time, regeneration, poisoning Amy’s childhood, Rory dying over again, losing Melody and having her grow up to be a killer, River sacrificing her remaining regenerations to save him, allowing River to be in prison for a crime that never happened, leaving an elder Amy behind on that planet to die, and the days that will eventually stop coming with Amy and Rory.

Yes, I believe I’d cry too. 

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